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Homes starting from the low 300's

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Superior design

We go beyond outside the box to create the unimaginable of designs. Prestigious creation not typical to the competition. From exterior colours to the final touch of finishes, we make it unique. Function is the key component to life tasks made easy. We at Gigabyte Homes are inspired by beauty and creativity.

Innovation To Creation

 Innovation is the meaning of a functional life style. Our construction meets the most responsive smart technology in the market making it easy to navigate. We have partnered with the top producers in the industry of home integrations.

Craftmanship Quality​

Our trade partners believe in making every process of construction like their own. Each partner implement for everyone to carry clean work and inspect thoroughly before proceeding to the next phase. For our products, we hire the most sophisticated trade partners in the industry.


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See our unique Duplex models with 16 units to choose from! 

Duplex Models